Mansbach Advisory Group - MAG is a strategy and advisory services firm focused on delivering effective and efficient results for decision makers, investors, officials and entrepreneurs. 

We do not write lengthy white papers or engage in the production of research documents designed to drive up advisory fees. Instead, after understanding your specific challenge and individual need, we engage with you to deliver on strategy, insight and pathfinding moving you closer to your desired outcome.


MAG Expertise

With offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, we work with companies interested in expanding to Canada and Canadian entrepreneurs considering diversification, growth and expansion.

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MAG Sectors

Transportation, Agriculture, Hospitality, Film, Theatre, Alternative Energy Applications, Oil & Gas, Public Sector Government and Agencies.


MAG Services

Process Advisory

Working with Government, responding to RFP’s, grant writing.  Determining your comparative and competitive advantage and positioning yourself to win. Guidance in selecting the right grant, RFP.


New market and expansion

Strategies, profit optimization, networking, marketing and business development.


Economic development

Policy advisory and policy options for government clients.


Disruptive technologies

Impact assessment and strategy advice.

Business Development & analysis 

Your business case, your idea. MAG is providing you with context in the market you are targeting, testing your value assumptions and making recommendations to improve your chances for success.



Market entry, scaling, export, import and trade opportunities.


New strategy

Development, existing strategy review, critique and challenge.


Founded in 2014 and led by President Robert Fernandez, we draw on the vast experience and network of national and international associates and individuals.


Contributors include former private sector senior and chief executives with varied national and international backgrounds. The group is drawing on a solid network of academics, former senior government officials, advisors and policy experts that are involved on assignments and files based on our clients specific requirements and challenges.